Your Eye Shadow Horoscope

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re interested in what your sign has in store for you today. And you’re in luck, because we’re totally about to deliver. (If you didn’t know already, we’re sort of experts on beauty horoscopes, judging from our useful lip horoscope and perfume horoscope.)

Now we’re bringing you the best eye shadow horoscope you’ve ever seen. We talked to astrology guru, Michele Bernhardt, founder of, and MAC Pro artist Jennifer Karsten, to see what colors work best for each sign. Seriously, every personality has its own shade to match it perfectly. (Bernhardt even claims wearing the suggested colors can add balance to your life — who couldn’t use more of that?)

Don’t get us wrong. You’re free to wear any eye shadow color you want, we’re not saying you have to stick with one color for the rest of your life. But we’ve found that it never hurts to follow an expert’s advice — especially when it comes to certain situations where your destiny is at stake.


Your best eye shadow color is: Red

Why: Bernhardt says this color stands for strength, passion and courage. It’s great to wear when you’re starting something new, and it will nudge you in the right direction when making an important decision. After all, it takes guts to initiate action, and you’ve definitely got those.

How to wear it: First apply a neutral or grey shadow to your top lids (this will help tone down the brightness of your finished look). Now sweep on a vibrant red shadow over it (try Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow in Heat, $18). Be sure to apply eye drops if necessary first; you don’t want the red shadow to highlight bloodshot eyes, right? Yuck.


Your best eye shadow color is: Green

Why: Bernhardt says this color rejuvenates the spirit and brings a sense of stability and healing into your hectic life. It also helps keep the balance between strength and substance. Wearing it can help attract wealth and prosperity (and what crazy girl wouldn’t want that?).

How to wear it: This color looks gorgeous on a smoky eye, says Karsten. First, line your eyes with black liner. Then take an olive green shadow (try Physicians Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Eye Shadow Duo in Green Eyes Organics, $7.95) and sweep it on the eyelids and lower lash lines for a smoking hot finish.


Your best eye shadow color is: Yellow

Why: Hello there, sunshine. Of course this color would be energizing and stimulating. It’s filled with radiance and light, and has the ability to lift your spirits. And Bernhardt says wearing it can actually help increase your memory and communication skills. Score!

How to wear it: Add a pretty pop of color by applying yellow shadow on the inner corners of your eyes and lids (try L’Oreal Paris HiP Bright Shadow Duos in Flamboyant, $6.99). Finish by lining your outer corner with “smoky black” liner, says Karsten.


Your best eye shadow color is: Pink

Why: This color inspires love (duh!) and can be worn in times of change or transition, to make it a bit easier for you. Bernhardt says it’s also a good color to wear when you’re in need of emotional healing, as it opens the heart and increases receptivity.

How to wear it: “Keep pinks on the icy side with a bit of white in them,” says Karsten. Give your lids a natural wash of color with a soft rose or muted pearl shade (try Bobbi Brown Metallic Eye Shadow in Pink Pearl, $20).


Your best eye shadow color is: Orange

Why: Bernhardt says this color is perfect for someone in a position of power and greatness (or even anyone who is aiming to reach it). Wearing it increases joy and optimism and also aligns you with achieving your dream of great wealth and riches.

How to wear it: Try wearing orange shadow as eyeliner for a subtle pop. Wet a thin, flat brush and draw a line of orange powder shadow along your upper lash lines (try MAC Eye Shadow in Orange, $14.50).


Your best eye shadow color is: Royal blue

Why: Bernhardt says wearing a dark blue shade helps open the mind, which leads to easing tension and promoting tranquility. This color also stands for beauty, purity and wisdom. Just by wearing it, you’ll come off as more patient and eloquent.

How to wear it: Royal or navy blue is great worn as a liner since it helps make eyes look whiter. Try swiping your upper and lower lash lines with a shimmery navy shadow (try Josie Maran Eye Shadow in Magic, $20). Don’t be afraid to play matchy matchy and pair your smoky eye with dark blue mascara.


Your best eye shadow color is: Light blue

Why: Bernhardt says this color is all about love, beauty and balance (sounds perfect, right?). It’s pretty much the essence of peace and serenity. You might even be inspired to be strong and take decisive action when wearing it.

How to wear it: Sweep light blue shadow on your lids (try Nars Single Eyeshadow in Heart of Glass, $22) and pair it with a sheer white or silver shadow blended under the brow bone.


Your best eye shadow color is: Burgundy

Why: This color is so inspirational — it stands for depth, strength and love. Going through a time of transition? Bernhardt says wearing berry shades increases your perception, persistence and drive through it all.

How to wear it: Apply a matte burgundy shadow (or a shimmery texture if you’re going for a jewel-toned look) around your eyes to define them. Try one like Sephora Colorful Mat Mono Eyeshadow in Mat No. 07, $10). “Sweep the color around a [black] lined and smudged eye,” Karsten says.


Your best eye shadow color is: Teal

Why: This color is so fun and adventurous. It gives you worldly wisdom while you’re traveling or exploring. Bernhardt says wearing it helps promote tolerance and is useful in dealing with others who have alternative points of view.

How to wear it: Deep teal makes for a great smoky eye. Blend a bright shadow onto your lids (try Clinique Colour Surge Eye Shadow Super Shimmer in Peacock, $14). And then sweep a medium cinnamon or toasty brown shadow into the creases “to avoid too much drama,” Karsten says.


Your best eye shadow color is: Earthy brown

Why: Bernhardt says this color is perfect for someone who is logical and determined. It helps you feel stable and responsible, and wearing it promotes practicality while setting goals and manifesting your dreams.

How to wear it: Brown is a great neutral and can easily be worn on the lids for day. Blend a darker shade near your lash line and a lighter brown above your crease (try Becca Eye Colour in Jacquard, $24). Or if you’re going for a night look, dress it up with a metallic gold shadow blended over top.


Your best eye shadow color is: Purple

Why: This may be the color of royalty, but it also gives you a sense of community and attracts people to you. Bernhardt says wearing it gives you qualities of humanity, kindness and friendship.

How to wear it: Try doing a smoky eye in purple — it’s unexpected and totally sexy. Use a kit that comes with different shades of the color, like NYX Purple Smokey Look Eyeshadow Kit, $11.


Your best eye shadow color is: Sea foam green

Why: This color is a bit magical — it helps guide people between the inner and outer world. When people see this color on you, they tend to trust you more. Bernhardt says wearing it will increase your faith and psychic abilities.

How to wear it: Use a sea green shade on your lids (try Shu Uemura Pressed Eye Shadow in Matte Pale Turquoise, $20) with a soft, neutral skin-tone shade in your creases. Sweep a “bold black liquid liner on top for a ‘Rihanna‘ look,” Karsten says.