11 Things to Love in September

Our rundown of the hair, makeup and fashion trends we know will be HOT this month

September trend Cargo Plant Love Lipstick

September trend

Last month was all about shopping for a cause. This month, we love the idea of being “green” and using eco-friendly products. Some of our faves include The Parlux 3800 Hair Dryer, Kiss My Face Self-Foaming Soap, and Cargo PlantLove Botanical Lipstick (you can plant their biodegradable packaging and grow flowers from it!).

Other super easy ideas to help stick to an eco-friendly beauty routine:

• Create a natural, homemade shampoo (baking soda, vinegar and honey) to reduce the use of plastic bottles.

•Multi-task with your products (conditioner as shaving cream, sugar as exfoliant) to eliminate the number of bottles you don’t need.

•Properly dispose of liquid cosmetics, like perfume or suntan lotion.