13 Things We Love For October

Is it just me, or does the month of October always seem to officially mark the start of fall? The weather turns chilly overnight, the leaves start to change and all the beauty and fashion trends just get instantly cooler.

Yep, those monthly trends are what we’ve all been waiting for. From the cattiest makeup look (literally, rawr) to the cutest accessory, and even a beauty product that changes color based on your own lips, we put together a list of must-haves and must-trys this month. I mean, we finally get to see this limited edition collection hit shelves. Can you tell I’m seriously excited about this?

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You can also copy the most popular October trends from fashionable celebs including Jessica Simpson, Whitney Port, Kristin Cavallari, Ashley Greene, Angelina Jolie, Rachel Bilson, Carmen Electra and Leighton Meester.

Not only that, we even featured our favorite celebrity this month, which we hardly ever do. You’ll see why. Not only is she gorgeous, we just can’t get enough of her. But in general, everything on our list makes you look and feel prettier in a pinch. You’ll be all over them this month, trust me.

Click here to see the whole list of things we love for October