9 New Nail Things You Should Try

The topic of nail art has become sort of an obsession in the office lately. We just can’t get enough of doing our nails and coming up with new, cool ideas. We’re actually thinking of having a “nail showdown,” because there’s nothing more fun than ousting all of your friends with the best, most fab nails you’ve ever seen, right?

Just to make it clear, we’re not talking about totally crazy, over-the-top nails. It’s all about keeping it classy and cool, but still being able to completely change your look and demand the attention of others with your decorated nails.

For those of you who think that’s too much work (or if you’re looking to find a good balance), you have to check out these new things to do to your nails. They’re subtle yet creative ways to transform your nails from being a total snoozefest to hot and eye-catching. (And they were painted and photographed by yours truly.)

Click here to see the gallery of cool nail trends we tried on ourselves

You can’t really grasp the awesomeness of the trends without seeing the pictures, but we’ll give you a sneak rundown of our faves: combining matte and shine, upgrading the French manicure with unheard of shades of nail polish, and taking animal print to the next level.

Prepare yourself: once you see these trends, you’ll be dying to try them out. Just make sure you give yourself some time to practice, it took us several tries to get the hang of these (yes, we painted them ourselves without any pro help, and if we can do it so can you). But once you perfect them, friends and strangers alike will be totally drooling over your awesome nail designs.

Click here to see the gallery of cool nail trends we tried on ourselves