The New Nail Colors of Fall 2015 Are SO. GOOD.

Here’s a near-perfect image: A hot cup of tea (cinnamon and vanilla flavored, natch), a fireplace, a book, an ivory fisherman knit sweater, and … gold, glittery nails peeking out. It’s FALL guys, which means a rapid series of events leading up to the holiday season, a festive feeling in the air (and yes, a chill), but with all that comes a seriously impressive array of new nail polish colors. Not even kidding — they look like a beautiful Thanksgiving banquet … or the most picture-perfect array of autumn leaves. The mani-pedi-obsessed designers behind some of our favorite polish brands were not kidding around when they created this season’s collections. To be completely honest, I myself had never considered the fact that nail polishes too, just like clothing, comes out in collections. And so, while the shades may vary from red to gold or matte to metallic, there is a cohesive feeling about the color story presented. In the case of Fall 2015, it’s decidedly autumnal and I love it. The hues we’ll be adorning our nails with (when they’re not stuffed in pockets, or worse, gloves) are rich eggplants, marsalas and metallics like cinnamon bronzes and industrial-esque silvers. Now, with a fresh manicure — we can safely say we’re ready for fall.