25 New Winter Perfumes for You

I’ve got a perfume question for you: Do you switch up your fragrance each season or do you roll with a signature scent all year long? Personally, I mix it up every day (I might have a slight perfume addiction), but I try to keep my fragrance seasonally appropriate.

What do I mean by that? Well, you wouldn’t wear your heavy, spicy perfume to the beach would you? Or a soft, floral fragrance on a cold winter night? Er, actually, I’m guilty of that last one, but it reminds me of summer when I’m freezing my butt off so I think it’s all right. My point is though, certain scents have a time and place, and with winter rolling in, now’s the perfect excuse to try out a new fragrance.

Click here to see the best new winter perfumes.

Of course, you don’t have to switch to an Oriental or musk perfume just because it’s winter if that’s not the type of fragrance you love. That’s why this list has everything from fresh and clean, to florals, citruses, and the ultimate in spicy scents. Translation: there’s literally something for everyone with these new perfumes. A.K.A. You can buy yourself, your mom, your best friend, your sister, your mail man, or your dog a perfume from this list. (Uh, just kidding about the dog, he’d probably prefer some bacon over an eau de toilette.) So check them out and get sniffing — er, shopping.

Click here to see the best new winter perfumes.