Beauty Products You’re Thankful For

It’s the most thankful month of the year, so we’re honoring our favorite things in life. Because no matter what happens in our lives (whether we’re suffering from a breakup or celebrating the loss of a few pounds), our must-have beauty products always deliver.

Whether it’s the moisturizer your mom introduced you to or those hair products you bought last week, there’s that one item you couldn’t live without, right? Here are a few examples from our team of editors:

• “Lip balm. I’m a lip balm fanatic, I always have at least 10 (yes, 10, I know, I’m a freak) in my purse and apply it pretty constantly all day. I don’t know what I would do if I ever ran out — not that I’ve ever let that come close to happening.” — Sarah, Senior Associate Editor

• “I am most thankful for mascara. It is my ‘If you were stranded on a desert island blah blah’ makeup item. It is the one thing that makes me look alert and alive and somewhat put together.” — Anna, Associate Editor

To be fair, since it’s not that fun listening to a bunch of beauty experts talk about their favorite products, we asked real woman to tell us what which ones they were thankful for. Their responses ranged from Bobbi Brown Face Cream to Vaseline, and you’ll love the reasons behind their choices.

Click here to see the list of beauty products we’re thankful for.

You might be in love with one of the products on this list as well, but there are probably tons we’re leaving out (obviously). So take a look and let us know what beauty product you’re most thankful for this year by leaving a comment below.