Gold Eye Makeup: How to Wear It

Gold is a fantastic makeup shade to wear, especially around the holidays. But this glitzy color can go from fun to showgirl in a second if you’re not careful. To keep that disaster from happening, check out these tips for wearing gold eye makeup:

No. 1: Don’t go overboard on the gold

Even if it’s your favorite color, you don’t want to wear too much gold makeup. Instead, keep it simple by picking one feature to add gold to. So if you wear gold eye shadow, don’t also wear gold lipstick and gold shimmer on your cheeks.

No. 2: Choose the right makeup

If you’re not in your teens, then super-bright, super-sparkly gold is going to be too much for you. Instead, choose eye makeup with a sheer gold shimmer, it will highlight your eyes and add a glow, without making it look like you glued tinsel to your eyelids.

No. 3: Apply your eye makeup right

There are so many different ways you can apply gold eye makeup. Here are some of my favorites: Try using a gold pencil eyeliner to line your upper and lower lashline. It’s a subtle way to wear the shade. Or you can take a sheer eye shadow and wear it on your lid or along your brow bone as a highlighter.

No. 4: Pair your gold with the best colors

Like I said, you don’t want an entire face of gold makeup. So choose complimentary colors to go with it. Brown is great for a toned-down look, or you can try black for a sultry night look. Since gold is a neutral you can use almost any shade, but keep in mind that the more bright colors you add in on top of it, the more outrageous your look.

The most important part? Have fun with your gold eye makeup! It’s definitely not a boring shade, and neither will you be when you wear it.