18 Craziest Spa Treatments

Who doesn’t love a trip to the spa? If I had unlimited fundage I’d be there every week, trying out new massages, facials, body treatments, you name it. Basically, I’d spend my life wearing a plush robe and flip flops, sipping tea and just generally being relaxed and glowing. Sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it?

Sadly, I don’t have piles of money lying around to blow on spa treatments (dangit, where’d those piles go?), but I can dream — about these top 18 spa treatments to be specific. They’re a great mix: everything from a massage that sounds so relaxing it would literally be impossible to be stressed after it — to a facial with ingredients so bizarre you’ll probably think I’m making it up (I’m so not though).

Click here to see the 18 craziest spa treatments.

So what’s the point of this little round up? Well, mainly it’s just to daydream and sigh and wish we could be lying on a massage table right now. But you can also think of it as your little guide to splurging. Because while some of these spa treatments will run you over $400, others are less than $100 — totally doable, right? So when you do have a little extra time and money to spend on yourself, you can check out this list and pick the spa experience that sounds most appealing. (Caveat: Some of these spas aren’t exactly local — read: Australia and India — so you might have to factor in a little travel time/money into your budget.)

So sit back, relax and imagine yourself enjoying some of these massages and facials — it’s almost as good as the real thing (almost). Click here to see the 18 craziest spa treatments.