Your Head-to-Toe Guide to Sexy

Here’s your ultimate recipe for sexiness: take one part Frederick’s of Hollywood nightie, add one part Marvin Gaye CD, and two parts Franzia boxed wine. Mix until you’re feeling romantic. Can’t miss.

No wait, don’t run away! I’m totally kidding, that is so not what this article is about. You don’t need booze and cheesy music to be sexy (no offense to Mr. Gaye). What do you need? Well, not much, since you’re already pretty hot. But we’ve got a few tips to take you to next-level sexiness — if you want to go there.

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OK, so when I said a “few” tips, I may have been selling this guide a little short. In actuality, we talked to several “sexifying” experts: celebrity hairstylist Marco Pelusi, owner of Marco Pelusi Hair Studio in West Hollywood, Calif., former model and current makeup brand owner Josie Maran, and Style for Hire stylist Lani Rosenstock Inlander.

They told us how to get your absolute sexiest from head to toe — yes, literally. So whether you’re spending the night in with your long-time guy, heading to a swanky restaurant with a hot new date or just hitting the town/bars with your girls, you’ll be ready to turn some heads and break some hearts. After all, isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about? (Yeah, it’s really not, but we think it should be. It’s better than a day dedicated to candy hearts and glaring reminders of our relationship status, right?)

Click here to get head-to-toe sexy.