Worst Interview Disaster Stories

The occasional bad job interview happens to the best of us. You know, fumbling over your words or doing the awkward handshake (been there, done that).

But what happens when you totally blow it? We’re talking major mistakes — the ones you might not even realize you’re making. The things your interviewer notices and doesn’t tell you. The habits that can make or break your chance of getting that job.

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We were curious to see what job interviews are like when you’re sitting behind the desk, so we talked to several experts, including a hiring manager at a major studio, a website editor, an HR specialist and a recruiter. They shared the craziest things they’ve ever seen in their history of interviewing candidates — you won’t believe some of the things they told us.

While the stories themselves are shocking, the experts also shared some great beauty tips to make the best first impression in any interview, whether you’re looking for your first internship or applying for a full-time job.

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