Beauty Dare: Makeup in the Dark

I know, you totally want to see the results of this challenge already. But first, let me fill you in on how we even came up with the idea in the first place:

It all started when our editor-in-chief dared us to try doing our makeup without looking in the mirror. For someone who does her makeup in the car while driving (yep, guilty), I thought this was too easy. So she upped the challenge and told us to try it in a completely dark room. As in … pitch black darkness.

We wondered how the heck we would be able to pick the right product from the pile of makeup in front of us. Her response? “Figure it out, it’ll be fun.” Yeah, so not as easy as it seems.

Think we were able to do it? Click here to see our makeup in the dark challenge.

So on the day of the challenge, all of us came to work without wearing an ounce of makeup, ready to take on the dare. In the following slides, you’ll see:

• What the group looked like without makeup

• What the room setup looked like (with the lights on)

• What every girl looked like after doing her makeup in the dark (yikes)

We had the flip cam going the entire time, so if you still don’t believe us, you can check out the audio here. You’ll get to hear all about our fears of poking ourselves in the eye or getting lipstick on our teeth.

Ready to see the hilarious results? You’ll be surprised to see how our makeup in the dark challenge turned out …