Trends to Try Before Summer Ends

I’m not one to follow trends; I tend to stick to a few classic rules, namely anything gold or leopard print. (What can I say? I’m from Jersey!) But this summer, there’s more than a few trends that caught my eye. Braids, bold color, ’70s fashion … love it! Even better, most of these looks require minimal effort and/or minimal cash, both things I am a HUGE fan of. (Kinda like these awesome summer accessories all under $10.)

Though it’s still the middle of summer, fall will be here soon. And it would be a pity if you let the whole season go by without trying one of these summer trends. Plus, the Beauty Riot team can’t let you do it. It’s against our code of ethics. Seriously.

Click here for the trends to try before summer ends

I spoke with expert hairstylists, Nathaniel Hawkins and Luca Blandi, Miami-based makeup artist Marissa Nemes, and Real Life Style fashion stylist, Lani Inlander. Together, we organized a round up of the top summer trends you must try while the weather’s still warm. Hair, makeup, and fashion, it’s all covered. And not only do we cover the top trends, you’ll get great tips from some super stylish experts, and advice on the best products to use (and how to use them) and places to shop. How’s that for service?

Click here for the trends to try before summer ends

Then, we want to know: What’s your favorite summer trend? What did we miss on our list? Leave your comments below. (BTW, we heart comments, and really do read ’em.)