Trends to Try Before Summer Ends

Fall isn't here ... yet. That means you still have tons of time to try these top summer trends

Olivia Wilde

Block this

With all this emphasis on color, it’s natural that color blocking has become a huge trend. Color blocking is when you take big bursts of one color and pair it with another burst or more. One celeb who’s embraced this trend is Olivia Wilde. It’s an easy look to pull off, and often you can create it just by looking through your closet. Simply pair a plain colored t-shirt with a plain colored skirt — just make sure they’re different colors. Need some inspiration? How about pink with red or orange, or green with blue or other jewel tones?

And if you want to experiment more, Inlander suggests rifling through your things to build a monochromic look — the exact opposite of color blocking — where everything is one color, but in different shades.