Trends to Try Before Summer Ends

Fall isn't here ... yet. That means you still have tons of time to try these top summer trends

Jessica Alba and Blake Lively

Braid it up

Unless you live under a rock, we’re pretty sure you noticed the biggest hair trend of the season: braids. Messy or perfectly styled, this look can be seen on the streets and on celebs like Jessica Alba, Blake Lively, Eve, and Paris Hilton (remember her mug shot? Braids!).

According to Hawkins, the braid makes perfect sense for the season. It’s easy, you don’t need a hot hair dryer (just braid while wet), and it keeps hair off your face. Also awesome: “It doesn’t matter what texture or length your hair is,” explains Hawkins, “anyone can wear a braid.”

Hawkins recommends securing your braids with Goody Ouchless Elastics, which “won’t damage hair” unlike other hair elastics. And if you’re using colorful elastics, you’re also hitting on another trend: bright and bold pops of color.