Trends to Try Before Summer Ends

Fall isn't here ... yet. That means you still have tons of time to try these top summer trends

KMS California Hair Play Sea Salt Spray

Get Salty

Another huge hair trend for summer is that beachy, tousled look. Don’t worry if you don’t live by the ocean, one of the easiest ways to achieve beachy waves actually involves braids. When you get tired of your braids, Blandi suggests, “opening up the braid(s) and combing your fingers through the hair to create that tousled look instantly.”

If you don’t have the time for wet braids to dry, there’s another (and simpler) way to get this look. Hawkins suggests sea salt spray, which “encourages texture and curl in any hair type.” Simply spray on your hair and use your fingers to scrunch the hair. Hawkins recommends KMS California Hair Play Sea Salt Spray, $15.99, because it has just “the right amount of salt.”

Soon, those Maui girls will have nothing on you.