Trends to Try Before Summer Ends

Fall isn't here ... yet. That means you still have tons of time to try these top summer trends

Nicole Scherzinger

Join the flock

No, you’re not imaging things. Those really are feathers in Nicole Scherzinger’s hair. Feather extensions are super hip right now, and if you want to try this trend, you’ve got options. You can either visit a salon where feathers are attached to your hair with Keratin (a hair safe glue), OR if you’re not looking for a huge commitment, you can buy clip-in extensions.

As for this look, Blandi says you can either go subtle or drastic depending on where you place your feathers. If you want a subtle look, he suggests “mixing one or two in with the thickest part of your hair.” But if you’re into drama, you should place your feathers in the front or around your face.

Then, there are color options … decisions, decisions.