Fake a Full Night’s Sleep

You need to get eight hours of sleep every night. Riiight. Since we’re all adults here, let’s be realistic: what you actually need is a lesson on how to fake a good night’s sleep when you don’t have the time for some shut eye.

After a late night of studying, working, or partying, you look in the mirror the next morning and realize that it shows — the dark circles, scaly skin, chapped lips. Ugh. And soon enough come the comments: “You look tired today,” or even worse: “You look sick, are you OK?” (They might genuinely care, but do they have to say it that way?)

You can’t rewind the night, but you can hide the fact that you totally skipped out on your beauty sleep.

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It’s actually a lot easier than you might think. And since your brain is probably sleep-deprived enough, we decided to do the work for you. We talked to a ton of makeup artists and skin care experts to get their go-to tricks and products to cover all traces of a long, loooong night.

With these beauty tips, who needs a full night’s sleep? (You can thank us later.) Instead of puffy eyes, you’ll have pretty, wide awake eyes and glowing skin. So those comments you used to get? So not getting them again. Ever.

Click here to get the best tips on how to get sleep.