10 Days of Nail Art

I’ll admit it — before this challenge, I was completely against the nail art trend. I was convinced that “nail art” was just tacky rhinestones and creepy acrylics. So every time I heard my fellow editor Anna talking about how obsessed she was with nail art, I would roll my eyes and silently rant on the inside.

Then it happened. An editor pitched a nail art dare (I don’t know who it was, but I blame a certain someone, ahem). Before I knew it, Anna and I were getting started on “10 Days of Nail Art.” She would be the nail artist, I would be the hand model. I could hardly contain my excitement. (Please read previous sentence as sarcastically as possible.)

Click here to see the gallery of nail art looks we came up with.

As the first few challenge days went by, I was shocked to see the looks were actually turning out pretty cute. I initially chalked it up to the nail polish fumes getting to my head — we were sitting in a closed office, after all.

But by the end of the challenge, I realized that nail art isn’t all cheesy and tacky. In fact, it has a really cool side to it, and the results can be pretty amazing. Believe it or not, I even wanted to keep going for longer than 10 days (not gonna lie, the staff’s “oohs” and “aahs” over my nails made me feel all special).

Check out our diary of the dare to see what I’m talking about — we took pictures of all the looks, and included a step-by-step tutorial and product recommendations for each one. By the way, Anna is not a professional artist (she’s had some practice doing it on herself, but nothing much). The fact that she could create these cool looks means you definitely can too. So what are you waiting for?

Click here to see the 10 days of nail art we came up with.

*All nail art done by: Anna Jimenez