Ultimate Guide to Surviving Stress

Beat tired eyes, greasy hair, and a bloated stomach -- even when you're totally stressed out

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Hunger vs. Appetite

Newsflash: hunger and appetite are two different things. According to Giancoli, hunger is the physical form of needing food. On the other hand, appetite is a craving.

To differentiate between the two, Giancoli recommends asking yourself questions like: When was the last time I had a meal? Is this feeling coming from stress? How will I feel after I eat this — stuffed or satisfied?

If you find yourself facing a mean craving and you know you’re not hungry (or aren’t sure), there are a few tricks you can employ. Giancoli says, “Give yourself some time. Often a craving will go away after a few minutes.” Try to distract yourself in the meantime. And if you’re still feeling it after some time has passed, you may need to give in to the craving.

Another simple tip from Giancoli’s: Don’t buy junk food. “If you don’t have it in your apartment, you can’t eat it.”

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