7 Products Your Skin Needs NOW

What’s the worst birthday present you’ve ever gotten? Mine? A tiny wrinkle between my brows. And I’m not talking about what you normally see when you furrow your brows. This was a real-life, “OMG I’m getting old” wrinkle.

I’m only 25! Talk about a huge wake-up call. If it’s a tiny wrinkle now, then what’s next? Crow’s feet? Thin lips? That’s when I realized something. While I might be smooth-skinned now, this was just the start of my wrinkly-faced future.

Before I could have a full-fledged panic attack (on my birthday, no less), I found myself wandering through the drugstore, looking for something to fix my problem. And seriously? The amount of anti-aging products out there was downright overwhelming. Sure I cared about my tiny wrinkle, but did I really need to start using all of this stuff at my age?

To find out more, I spoke to several experts, including Dr. Gina Danesh, Beverly Hills dermatologist, Paula Begoun, creator of Paula’s Choice and author of “Don’t Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me,” and Mike Bell, Boots No7’s Scientific Skincare Advisor. They gave me the scoop on which products us 20-somethings need (believe it or not, there are seven must-haves).

In fact, they all said your early 20s are the best time to start fighting these early signs of aging. And get this — even if you’re not necessarily worried about aging, these seven products can help make your skin look even better than it does now. Super clear skin, anybody?

Even better news: There’s no reason to blow your money on unnecessary stuff that can wait until later (you’ll see what those are toward the end of the story). Hopefully by the time my 26th birthday rolls around, some of these skin issues will be fixed before they even get started.

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