Why You’re Breaking Out in the Summer — and What To Do About It

Is your skin breaking out now that it’s summer? Here’s how to get rid of acne.

Summer means sundresses, beach days, increased vitamin D … and breaking out? We wish it weren’t true but the changing of the seasons, spiking temperatures, humidity,and our own increased sweating can wreak havoc on our skin. Of course, acne’s just about the last thing we want to worry about during the more relaxing months of the year.

If you’ve been noticing unusual acne flare-ups since summer started, but weren’t sure if the two were connected, you can at least rest assured that they are. Dr. Dennis Gross, NYC dermatologist and founder of Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare, confirmed that suspicion: “Acne in particular and all complexion issues in general seem to be worse in the heat of the summer time.” Cue the collective groan.

Keep reading to find out why you’re breaking out, and how you can prevent it.