8 Zit-Causing Holiday Situations

The holiday season is officially here, which means three things:

1. I’ve had 16 gingerbread lattes — today.

2. I’ve added several new pairs to my boot collection.

3. My skin is about to go haywire.

I’m psyched about the first two things on that list, but the skin one? No way. Yet, every year my face turns into a pepperoni pizza during the winter months. According to dermatologists, breakouts occur more often during the holidays for most women. Why? Obviously, holiday stress and all that indulgent, buttery, sweet food, but there are also a few other surprising reasons we get acne each winter.

To find out what they are, I asked four dermatologists to pinpoint the culprit for each pimple I currently have. There are eight and counting. (Don’t judge.)

Not only will you find out what caused each zit — family time overload and too many hors d’oeuvres are just a few of the nasty surprises — but you’ll also learn helpful tips on how to avoid these mishaps.

Keep clicking to see how to get rid of acne this winter.