Say What? Beauty Brand Pronunciation Guide

Not every makeup brand is as easy to pronounce as CoverGirl. We'll teach you how to say some of the hardest names in the beauty biz -- and a few fashion ones too

Say What? Beauty Brand Pronunciation Guide

My first internship was at a large teen magazine, and one of my jobs involved ordering samples of beauty products for the editors. One day I was asked to call in some products from Stila — a cosmetics line I had never heard of. “Do you just need lipgloss from Stella?” I asked my boss. “It’s not Stella,” she said. “It’s pronounced Stee-lah.”

I was beyond mortified. (Did I mention my boss was the Senior Editor and uber hip?) In that very moment, the sophisticated, edgy intern persona I was going for fizzled. One upside, I’ll never forget how to pronounce Stila.

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Now, I’m a beauty editor and I see a lot of products with strange, made up, or foreign names. But here’s the truth: I still stumble sometimes. I’ll admit to mumbling a few brand names to the salespeople at Sephora in the hopes they won’t notice that I have no idea what I’m saying. And it was only the other day that I actually learned how to pronounce Illamasqua — it’s illa-mass-ka, BTW.

What I need is a beauty pronunciation guide. So I decided to create my very own … with a twist. Not only did I include the phonetic spelling of the word, but I also enlisted — OK, more like badgered — my fellow editor Jane into saying the brands for you and me, on video. I even threw in a few fashion terms as well.

Now, I can proudly say Shu Uemura without looking like a fool. And I promise, if you watch these videos, you’ll be makeup counter confident in no time too.

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