15 Holiday Nail Ideas You’ve Never Seen

It’s holiday party time, and we’re guessing you already have your outfit picked out, your hairstyle in place, and your makeup down pat (if not, click here for awesome holiday hair and makeup looks). But what about your nails? You know, those little blank canvases on the tips of your fingers?

Didn’t give it any thought? Then you’re missing some prime accessorizing real estate. Seriously, it’s time to get all Picasso on your nails. And we’re not just talking paint — think rhinestones, stamps, stickers, glitter, and really small brushes. Trust us. Nail art will totally transform your holiday look — and get everyone talking.

Click here for 15 holiday nail art ideas.

On board? Great. Not sure what to paint? No worries. We waded through tons of holiday nail art photos to find the best ideas this season. We’ve got cute penguins, candy canes, strands of colorful lights, and a whole lot more. And for those minimalists, we also have some beautiful, layering options that don’t require any Christmas creatures.

Not only did we find these wonderful works of holiday art, but we also provide nail art how tos and nail polish suggestions. This means you can get a cute look for your next holiday party no matter how much of a newbie you are with a nail polish brush.

Click here for 15 holiday nail art ideas.