Secrets from a Celebrity Manicurist

When it comes to my manicure, I only have one rule: Keep it cheap. And the cheapest way I’ve found is the at-home, DIY mani. So once a week, I bunker down in my living room with a ton of cotton balls, nail polish remover, and my tiny polish selection. (I just wish I were born ambidextrous. It would make everything so much easier.)

It’s a far cry from the salon — no wall o’ shades, massager chairs, or new age music — but I think I do OK. Or rather I did, until I spoke with some big name celebrity manicurists. You know, the people that get paid the big bucks to make stars’ nails perfect.

Click here for secrets of a celebrity manicurist.

It turns out a lot of what I thought about manicures — the process, the tools, the best nail care — is actually wrong. Even rules I figured were permanently etched in the Nail Polish Bible, like always use a base coat, proved a bit faulty. Not only that, but I also discovered nail salons make mistakes too, some of which can result in, ragged hangnails, a nasty fungus — or worse.

To figure out the good from the bad, I spoke with celeb manicurists Beth Fricke and Debbie Leavitt. I also went behind the scenes of the organic nail polish line Shesawi for their holiday nail shoot, and consulted with a dermatologist for the real nitty gritty stuff. Get ready to radically change the way you do your at-home mani.

Click here for secrets of a celebrity manicurist.