Secrets from a Celebrity Manicurist

nail tips grease your cuticles

Grease Up Your Fingers

Look at your cuticles. Are they dry, cracked, or hard? We hate to tell you this, but lotion won’t fix the problem. Instead, head to the kitchen and grab some olive oil and massage it into your cuticle. Leavitt says it’s the best way to hydrate the nail and the cuticle. “I just find oil really seeps into the skin, whereas lotion tends to sit on top of the skin. Plus, lotion often leaves us feeling more greasy than oil.” Fricke agrees, “Oil moisturizes, minimizes hangnails, helps protect the polish ’till dry, and can make scruffy nails look fresh. It is the miracle product!”

Leavitt says you should try to use olive oil a little everyday. “You’ll really see a difference with your nails.”