10 Tips I Learned at Makeup School

Now you can find out all the secrets pro makeup artists know -- without actually having to attend a single class

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Tip No. 9: The quickest way to get rid of unwanted color

Want to get rid of redness or sallow skin? It’s easy. Just look at the color wheel. There are three primary colors and three secondary colors. Each secondary color is created by mixing two primary colors. The one primary color that isn’t used in the mixture becomes the opposite (and counteracting) color for the secondary color, says Prior. For example:

Redness: Use a green-pigmented primer or concealer to tone down the red (because green is made from blue and yellow, no red).

Blue/purple veins: Use a yellow or orange-y concealer to cover up the blue.

Sallow-looking skin: Use a lilac or lavender primer to brighten up yellow skin tone.

Dark undereye circles: Use a pink or peach concealer to neutralize the gray.