Got Glasses? Top Eye Makeup Tips

I just got my first pair of glasses. They’re thick, black grandpa glasses and I love ’em. (Extra accessory? Score.) There’s only one problem: I’m not sure how to do my makeup anymore. For some reason, my normal eye makeup doesn’t look the same when framed in my oversized lenses.

I have tons of questions. Should I tone down my makeup because my eyes are already getting so much attention? What about my eyebrows? Will they compete with the frames? And how should I do my lashes so they don’t hit the lenses? Should I just skip this whole makeup thing all together?

Click here for eye makeup tips for girls in glasses.

To help calm myself down, I spoke with a few celebrity makeup artists and they all agreed: The number one mistake girls in glasses make is that they don’t wear eye makeup. (There goes my plan. Damn.) So if I have to put on makeup, what should I wear? Luckily, these pros had some great tips for my makeup/glasses conundrum.

From lashes and brows to eyeliner and shadow, they covered every part of the eye — and discussed the dos and don’ts for glasses-wearing gals. By the end of my talk, I was convinced. I can wear makeup with my frames, and it will look as good as it did before I got my new favorite accessory. So put on your frames, and find out how to get gorgeous eyes, even if they’re under glass.

Click here for eye makeup tips for girls in glasses.