The Best Beauty Apps You Need to Download ASAP

Every beauty junkie should have these on her smartphone

The Best Beauty Apps You Need to Download ASAP

Remember the last time you went a day — or even 30 minutes — without checking your phone? Us either. We use our phones for essentially everything, from ordering takeout to scanning Instagram for outfit ideas. And, thanks to these eight amazing smartphone apps, we can get our beauty fix too with just a click of a button. They’re revolutionizing the beauty space and allowing for up-and-coming talent to get their big break.

These apps deliver useful and innovative services, covering everything from booking a professional pedicure at home to retouching your selfies and finding drugstore dupes for your favorite luxe brands. These are the eight smartphone apps no beauty junkie should be without.

  • Sonia Bray

    Thank you for the app recommendations. I am old school and have not embraced fully technology. I kind of enjoy the freedom of being disconnected. ASM may change that. I look forward to using some of these apps.