5 DIY Prom Accessories

Forget the mall. This year, make your own prom accessories. All it takes is a visit to your local craft store, these how-tos, and one afternoon

beaded fabric necklace

Beaded Fabric Necklace Instructions Continued …

6. Work the string of beads through the tube, while still keeping the tape on the edges of the string.

7. Once the beads are in the tube, take the first bead and pinch the fabric right above it. Wrap it with a piece of thread and tie it off.

8. Move to the next bead, pinch the fabric above it and wrap it with a piece of thread. If the tube is too big and there’s extra fabric, try twisting the fabric, then pinching. Continue with the rest of the beads, making sure to tie off the last one at the top and bottom of the bead.

9. Once the beads have been secured, place the necklace around your neck, and tie the ends of the fabric into a bow. If there’s any extra string sticking out, cut it off.

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