14 DIY Denim Projects

Break out the dye, scissors, and metal studs. Your old jeans won't look the same after these amazing DIY denim projects

14 DIY Denim Projects

These days, the stores are filled with denim — and not just any denim. We’re talking denim that’s been dyed, bleached, studded, re-sewn, or cutout. Like you, we totally dig these styles (who doesn’t love a studded jean jacket?), but we’re kind of on a budget. So forget plunking down a hundred bucks for a pair of cute cutoffs, we’ve got a better idea. It’s time for some DIY denim projects.

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Even if you’re not the craftiest girl out there, we’re positive you can do these crafts. All you need is a pair of old jeans (or a quick run to GoodWill), and a few other items that won’t cost more than $15 total. Promise. And these DIY denim ideas don’t just apply to cutoffs. We have ideas for denim shirts, jean jackets, full-length jeans, even a denim bowtie(!).

We have a sneaky suspicion that your friends will be begging for these secrets once they see how amazing your denim looks — and once they find out how cheap it was. We won’t blame you if you want to keep these tricks to yourself, but if you feel like sharing the love, we can’t think of a better idea than a DIY denim party.

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