Color Story: Pepto Pink Fashion Trends

In middle school I used to wear a mood ring — remember those? The idea is that depending on your mood, the ring’s stone would change color. Mine was consistently a bright shade of pepto pink … which was fine by me, because I’ve always been the cheerful, glass-half-full type. But it’s not like I dot my i’s with hearts or dress up as Elle Woods for Halloween, I just have a slight girly-girl streak.

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And my love of all things pink has lasted — even after Paris Hilton almost ruined the color for an entire decade. So when I started seeing my favorite hue on the runways and in magazines recently, I couldn’t have been more excited. It should be no surprise that for this color story I rounded up a massive list of beauty and fashion trends in pepto pink — the pinkest of pinks.

Now, pink isn’t just for Barbie (although I’ll take the convertible and dream house any day). There are a ton of ways to work it into your style, whether your mood ring is naturally pepto or a smoky gray. Here are three key tips to get started:

1. Pair pink with hardware like studs or chains to balance things out and avoid that too sugary sweet vibe.

2. Add an unexpected pop of pink to an otherwise neutral outfit. A pink lip or pepto clutch is a great place to start.

3. Mix with other bright colors like tangerine or cobalt. Just make sure to keep a streamlined silhouette to avoid a mess.

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