14 DIY Denim Projects

Break out the dye, scissors, and metal studs. Your old jeans won't look the same after these amazing DIY denim projects

Tie-Dye Bleached Jeans

Tie-Dye Bleached Jeans

Tie-dye is back in a big way. Here’s how to create the pattern, but with bleach instead of dye. All you need is a bucket, bleach, thick rubber bands/ties, and rubber gloves.

To begin, fill your bucket with one part bleach to two parts water. Next, wrap the thick rubber bands all over your jeans. Wherever you place a band, that area will remain the same color as the denim. When you have all the bands set, submerge your jeans in the bucket. Make sure to use the rubber gloves when touching the bleach mixture.

Check your jeans every 15 minutes to monitor the bleached spots. When it reaches the color you desire, remove your jeans from the bucket, cut the bands, and wash them in the washing machine alone.