Hot Trend: Menswear-Inspired Fashion

We're a little boy-crazy these days ... as in, obsessed with the menswear-inspired fashion trend. From bowties to blazers, we're taking our style cues from the guys

Classic Blazer

A classic blazer in navy or black is the number one staple when it comes to your menswear-inspired wardrobe. Fit is always important to consider, but makes all the difference in a blazer. “You want the blazer to fit well through the shoulders,” says Sanders. “You don’t want it to be loose and slouchy and overwhelm your frame.”

Along with fit, layering with feminine pieces is the best way to make a blazer stylish. “Even if you are wearing multiple menswear pieces — like a button-down shirt and a blazer — pairing with flirty shorts makes the outfit cute and sexy.”