Fall Fashion Face-Off: You Pick The Winner!

We love fashion, but even more so when it's in our price range. These eight fashion bloggers show us fall style at its finest ... and its most affordable

Loud and Proud

Name: Carla

Blog: The Sweetest One Over The Moon

Why We Love Her: “Living la Vida Loud” should definitely be Carla’s mantra. Hailing from Barcelona, Carla has a way of mixing bold prints and making them unique and stylish. Accessorizing with a chain necklace, a funky fringy clutch, and a cute pink belt really pulls this look together. To top it all off, she does it without breaking the bank.

Carla’s Outfit Inspiration: “This fall/winter season I am very excited to try a mix of everything from brocades, animal prints, studs, chains, velvet, leather … the list is endless. It works perfectly for me, as I love to mix and match all my garments. Even if they happen to be summer pieces, I always find a way to make them work for the season.”

Price Breakdown:

• Clutch: Blanco, $23

• Leopard print blouse: H&M, $16

• Studded pink belt: thrifted, $6

• Leggings: Blanco, $10

• Heels: Zara, $37

• Golden chain and rhinestone necklace: thrifted, $8

Grand Total: $100

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