Global Style: Our Ultimate Fashion Map

It's no secret that style is a global phenomenon, so we've created a fashion map to show you the hottest trends all over the world


Just from the name of Nikoleta’s blog, Live Love LA, it’s clear that this California girl loves her city. Her website is teeming with daily outfit posts showcasing her signature Cali girl style, and fun features like “Music Friday,” with great playlists for kick starting your weekend.

Hottest fashion trends right now:

Sheer clothes are really popular. Really anything pulled-together but still laid back is big right now.

Popular places to shop:

Satine and Opening Ceremony are go-tos, but the city offers so many little vintage shops and boutiques, too.

Hottest nail polish color right now:

Everyone is into doing their own nail art creations, but I think either really bright colors or really dark are always in here.

Three fashion/beauty related items every tourist should bring:

1. Hiking shoes. We have gorgeous canyons and hills.

2. High heels. For the night life.

3. Sunglasses. It’s always sunny in California.

If you have one day in my city, don’t miss:

Hike up to the Hollywood sign, check out some of downtown’s up-and-coming foodie spots, grab a happy hour cocktail at the rooftop of The London hotel, and end the night by catching a show on the Sunset Strip.

City’s signature yummy food/drink:

Anything with avocado!

What I love most about my city:

The ability to see something new every day without ever leaving the city’s limits.

My city’s style in one sentence:

Laid-back but upscale.