Cheap and Chic: 20 Buys Under $20

Temperatures have finally started dropping, and so the other day I broke out a leather jacket I haven’t worn all summer. And as I dug deep into the pockets, I fished out an Orbit gum wrapper, a bobby pin, and … $20! Even though technically this was my money in my leather jacket, it still felt special — like I had won it.

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I know finding $20 isn’t exactly striking it rich … and once I started brainstorming what I wanted to buy with my newfound cash, it seemed like 20 bucks wouldn’t cover the half of it. Bargain shopping isn’t easy, and it may take a little digging around to find something really awesome that’s also dirt cheap. To help, my fellow editors and I rounded up a hit list of 20 beauty products, accessories, and clothes … all under $20.

And don’t worry, this isn’t just a list of cheap drugstore lip balms. We’ve found really cool items (think pretty earrings and dresses) that look way more expensive than they actually are … stuff you’ll be completely excited to buy.

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