Thanksgiving Eve Survival Guide

You’ve heard of Christmas Eve, but what about the lesser-celebrated Thanksgiving Eve? Most people observe the night before turkey day by fasting so they have plenty of room for delicious stuffing and pumpkin pie. But if you’re a freshman returning home for the first time since you left for college, Thanksgiving Eve is a lot more significant — and more stressful.

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If you’re a college freshman, then Thanksgiving Eve is probably the first time you’ll get to hang out with your old high school friends. You haven’t seen them in months, so it makes sense that you’re super excited. But … then you start to think about your cute high school crush and realize he’ll be there. And don’t forget your arch nemesis, the former homecoming queen who happens to have the most beautiful hair EVER. She’ll definitely be there. As you start desperately rummaging through your closet trying to find the perfect outfit, you glance in the mirror … and notice a ginormous pimple on your chin.

Relax! Everyone wants to make a fabulous impression the first time they see their high school friends after college. But instead of majorly stressing out, take a deep breath. Here at Beauty Riot, we all remember the first time we visited home during our freshman year, and together we’ve come up with the ultimate college freshman’s Thanksgiving Eve survival guide.

Find out what outfits to pack or how to get rid of that annoying zit before you meet up with your friends at Starbucks or run into your ex at Target. This way you can stop stressing and just focus on relaxing, hanging out with old friends, and filling up on turkey.

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