Your Holiday Vacay Style Guide

Whether you're traveling to Cancun or just hanging at home for the holidays, we've got your ultimate vacation style guide

Ski Vacation: Your Wardrobe

When packing for a ski trip, bring plenty of stuff in warm, cozy fabrics like plush mittens, a fleece-lined puffer jacket, and a pair of faux fur earmuffs. Thermal tops and wool sweaters will keep you extra warm, especially if you’re a dedicated ski bunny and like to hit the slopes after night falls. Check out all our picks below:

&#8226 Puffer Jacket, $49

&#8226 Faux Fur Earmuffs, $35

&#8226 Plush Mittens, $60

&#8226 Snowflake Sweater, $26

&#8226 Ski Goggles, $60