Your Holiday Vacay Style Guide

Whether you're traveling to Cancun or just hanging at home for the holidays, we've got your ultimate vacation style guide

Beach Vacation: Your Wardrobe

You’re on a beach vacation, so get into the topical vibe by packing a brightly colored bikini or one-piece. Save space in your suitcase and skip the heels altogether. All you need is a pair of rubber flip-flops. And you’ll get plenty of mileage out of a pretty maxi dress; wear it as a coverup during the day or out at night during cocktails. Check out all our picks below:

&#8226 Straw Tote, $49

&#8226 Cat Eye Sunglasses, $6

&#8226 Tropical Bikini, $87

&#8226 Flip-Flops, $21

&#8226 Maxi Dress, $70