The Ugly Christmas Sweater Antidote

The holidays are in turbo drive and there are so many festive sights at every turn:

Twinkling lights, couples ice-skating in the park, elaborate department store window displays. But … what’s that you see? Oh, it’s your eccentric aunt and she’s (cue the scary music and blood-curdling screams) wearing an ugly Christmas sweater.

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Yes, you know it well; it’s the infamous holiday season eyesore: the ugly Christmas sweater. Whether adorned with smiling Santas or penguins wearing scarves, the ugly Christmas sweater has been beloved by grannies and hipsters — who wear them ironically, of course — for years now. But ironic or not, these tacky atrocities are offensive to look at and give the Christmas sweater a bad name.

Yes, Christmas sweaters can actually be really pretty! There are Christmas sweaters out there that don’t light up or have pom poms hot glued to the collar. We’re talking about pretty, wintery sweaters that are perfect for the holidays.

To prove just how gorgeous Christmas sweaters can actually be, we’ve handpicked the five prettiest knits that will make you forget the ugly Christmas sweater ever even existed. Now you can just pretend it was all a bad dream.