The Hot Color Blocking Trend

Think back two years ago: Ombré hair was huge, statement necklaces were everywhere, and celebrities were crazy for color blocking fashion. It started out innocently enough with two simple and usually complementing shades. But then every A-lister was wearing loud, clashing combos. We’re talking about purple, orange, and green. (Who could forget those Gucci ensembles?!)

Then, like all celebrity fashion trends, the look gave birth to another fad: colored jeans. This was lucky for those of us who aren’t as fashion fearless as, say Rihanna, but still wanted to add a splash of color to our closets.

And now it seems the fashion gods (aka A-listers) have shined once more on the style shy. Seemingly bored with bold hues — but still not finished with color-blocking entirely — celebs have taken the color blocking fashion trend back to its most basic level: black and white pairings.

Here’s why you should be excited about this new development: Not only are the two shades actually universally flattering, but it’s practically impossible to mess up this color combo, and there are so many ways to pull it off. But just in case you need a little inspiration, here are a few of our favorite looks.