10 Best and Worst Ironic T-Shirts

Imagine this scenario: You are going on a first date with a guy, and you’re looking gorgeous in a cute new LBD and heels. You show up at the restaurant … and he’s wearing one of those “F.B.I: Female Body Inspector” T-shirts.

Total deal breaker.

The ironic T-shirt phenomenon is one of those unfortunate trends that I wish would just die already. It all started with the “I’m With Stupid” shirt that someone, somewhere thought was hilarious. Go ahead and call me a buzzkill, but I just do not find these sarcastic T-shirts funny. To me, they are the equivalent of ringing a bell and wearing a sandwich board that says “Hello. I’m a giant d-bag.”

So, to prove how unfunny these T-shirts can be, I rounded up the worst of the worst that are actually sold in stores. Let the record show that I would rather go naked with a lampshade on my head than wear one of these atrocities.

But, if you happen to be a fan of these ironic T-shirts, take heart. During my search for the most offensive ones, I actually came across the ironic T-shirt antidote. I also rounded up a crop of really cute tees that aren’t necessarily “ironic” per se, but they’ve got clever and fun sayings that aren’t rude or sarcastic.

So yes, it’s true, you can wear an “ironic T-shirt” without looking like a total tool.

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