Best Hair for a Strapless Gown

No, an updo is NOT your only option -- check them all out here

Carey Mulligan Best Hairstyle for a Strapless Dress

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“Your options are limited with short hair, but [Carey Mulligan] played it up with a pretty headband and hair that swoops to the side, which is dressy, and the shine is kept to a polished finish that works with her sophisticated gown,” Nerizagal says. To get her look:

Step 1: Apply a shine-boosting mousse to wet hair. Try Kerastase Nutri-Sculpt Bodifying Treatment Mousse, $22.25.

Step 2: Blow hair dry, coaxing the front to the side.

Step 3: Smooth a shine serum on top of your hair and run your fingers through for a piecey-effect. Try Kerastase Lumiere Nutri-Sculpt Leave-In Cream, $22.

Step 4: Slip in a fab headband.