Best Hair for a Strapless Gown

No, an updo is NOT your only option -- check them all out here

Kate Hudson Best Hairstyle for a Strapless Dress

Kate Hudson gets it up

“The style of this dress is extreme and so her hair needed to be simplified — this is perfect,” Nerizagal says. “And the back looks cool, which is smart because the back of the gown is plain.” This is a salon-only ‘do. Bring the photo with you, and note these key ingredients:

1. Hudson’s heart-shaped face is perfect for a side-parted look. A round face might look rounder with it.

2. This is a brushed out updo — that keeps it looking soft, not cripsy. It’s also shiny, which goes with the sheen of the gown.

3. Shape-wise, it’s similar to a chignon, just looser. “It’s almost as if the chignon was created, then tucked under in back, for that rolled under effect,” Nerizagal says.