Best Hair for a Strapless Gown

No, an updo is NOT your only option -- check them all out here

Sandra Bullock Best Hairstyle for a Strapless Dress

Tendrils gone wrong

Sandra Bullock’s dress is amazing, but her hair isn’t spot-on. “I like the softness, except the tendrils are way too long. They shouldn’t hang past the jaw,” Nerizagal says. And the real problem, she says, is that flowy curls don’t mesh with this dress. “A gown with sheen and structure like this pairs best with a more finished, polished look that shows the face, like the updos Eva Mendes wears or even a glam, high-shine ponytail like Kristin Cavallari wears. They’re sleek looks, but they’re playful.” (Slides of Mendes and Cavallari with these ‘dos are coming right up …)

Now, a real-quick rule review: Pair polished, with polished. Flirty with flirty. Soooo simple, love it.