Best Hair for a Strapless Gown

No, an updo is NOT your only option -- check them all out here

Jennifer Garner Best Hairstyle for a Strapless Dress

Banded beauty

Headbands may seem risky, but here, it works. “You can get away with something fun like this because it isn’t a hard-core black-tie gown,” Nerizagal says. Tip: If it’s humid, headbands will keep your hair under control, big time.

Step 1: Use a plastic headband that’s two headbands in one. “When you wear two separate bands, they tend to gravitate together as the night goes on,” Nerizagal says.

Step 2: Before slipping the band in, add volume by teasing the section of hair that runs from ear to ear.

Step 3: Gather hair in back into a pony, a chignon, or little knots — your choice.

Step 4: Push in the band from the forehead, back. That “push” creates extra volume in the back.