Hot Clothing Hues for Redheads

When it comes to hot Hollywood hair shades, red is the new blonde in celebrity style. In the severely-overused words of Christian Siriano, red hair is “fierce.”

Don’t believe us? Just look at crimson-topped hotties like Isla Fisher, Amy Adams, Julianne Moore, Emma Stone, Debra Messing and Christina Hendricks. Even leading ladies without naturally coppery hair have hit the red dye bottle, like Scarlett Johansson, Evan Rachel Wood, Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz. Who can blame them? Red hair is sexy, strong, and also rare: Less than 2 percent of the world’s population is born with red hair. Don’t you feel special?

Another reason celebs are likely in love with red: Auburn hair is very “look at me!” and such an in-your-face hair hue will draw attention to your whole look. (That’s one way to stand out at a premiere.) However, with power, comes responsibility: Choose an outfit in a color that clashes with your red hair and you’re more likely to land on the worst dressed list.

That’s why we asked celebrity fashion color expert Jill Kirsh of Jill Kirsh Color ( to offer some pointers for picking the most flattering clothing colors for redheads. Most of her advice applies to redheads that have a warm base. Cooler reds like purple and cherry shades are not exactly found in nature. We think, if you’re bold enough to dye your hair these hues, you don’t need color rules when it comes to your clothing, just wear what your gut tells you to. But the rest of you redheads, read on for Kirsh’s tips. Because what’s the point of standing out in a crowd if you don’t look hot while doing so?

Image: Getty Images