We Ask: Who’s Your Style Muse?

10 women share their celebrity fashion heroes, and how they make red carpet style rock for every day

We Ask: Who's Your Style Muse?

No point in denying it. We all have one.

Go on any celeb blog and you’ll find it — that one starlet you can’t take your eyes off of. Maybe it’s her outfit, her hair or her makeup — or perhaps it’s just her handsome arm candy — but no matter the reason, she’s your go-to gal for style inspiration. A muse, if you will. Sometimes, though, you may not even realize you have a celebrity fashion hero, but after a quick skim through your Facebook photos, you’ll find it’s easy to see whose style you most often rip off. Tend to splurge on short, glitzy mini dresses? You may be channeling Kate Hudson. Or are boot cut jeans and an Oxford shirt tucked-in more your style? You’ve probably caught the Jennifer Aniston bug.

So like the voyeurs we are, we asked 10 women to tell us which fashionistas give them their beauty and style pointers. Their choices were on all ends of the style spectrum, from celebrities who dress neat-and-tidy to those who opt for breezy, ethereal looks. But not everyone (a.k.a., us non celebs) has access to a 24-hour stylist (ha, we wish), so these real women told us how they recreate the look, while still keeping a bit of themselves in the ensemble. Read on and maybe you’ll find a new celebrity style muse of your very own.

Image: Getty Images